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Lille Grand Palais and Zénith de Lille have been welcoming you since 1994

Lille Grand Palais and Zénith de Lille have been emblematic venues for culture, innovation and entertainment for 30 years.

"30 years of the unexpected"

In 1994, an emblematic structure stood in the heart of Lille, marking the start of an extraordinary adventure. Lille Grand Palais and Zénith de Lille have become much more than just buildings. They are witnesses to countless stories, unforgettable moments and shared emotions.

Every year, these venues vibrate to the rhythm of the most unexpected events. Fiery concerts where melodies resonate in our hearts, congresses where innovative ideas come to life, captivating exhibitions revealing the treasures of human creativity. Every encounter, every applause, every discovery has woven the fabric of a rich and varied history.


Thirty years have passed, but the spirit of the unexpected remains. Today, Lille Grand Palais and Zénith de Lille continue to open their doors to the unexpected, to the magic of chance encounters and the beauty of shared experiences. They are more than just buildings; they are the reflection of a city, a metropolis, a region in constant effervescence, where every moment holds its share of surprises.

30 years of the unexpected, 30 years of life. And the adventure is just beginning.


A project supported by Pierre Mauroy

Born of Pierre Mauroy ‘s political ambition to transform Lille into a major European metropolis, a new project was launched in the 1980s. The resulting contemporary building opened its doors in June 1994, followed by the Zenith Arena (renamed Zenith de Lille) in November of the same year. The name “Grand Palais” is inherited from the main hall of the former Foire commerciale, demolished in 1993 and located directly opposite.

Construction of the complex involved demolition of the youth hostel, removal of the autopont and elimination of Avenue Julien Destrée, which was aligned with the bridge over the railroad line. This avenue was replaced by the boulevard des Cités Unies, running in a straight line along the axis of the rue Georges Lefèvre.


Bold architecture by Rem Koohlas

Lille Grand Palais is an exceptional building, designed by architect and urban planner Rem Koolhaas (Pritzker Prize in 2000).

The building’s avant-garde architecture makes it highly modular, bringing together under the same roof a convention center, an exhibition center and a Zenith that can simultaneously host events for 80 to 20,000 people.

The interior organization of the building, designed by the architect, ensures extremely fluid circulation between the different spaces. Modularity is the order of the day, as the same spaces can be reserved or partitioned.

Lille Grand Palais is one of the few facilities to offer conference rooms and a large exhibition area on the same level.


For 30 years, SAEM Lille Grand Palais has run the two entities


It’s a little-known fact, but Lille Grand Palais and the Zenith de Lille are managed by a single
by a single company: SAEM Lille Grand Palais.

For the past 30 years, the SAEM (“Société Anonyme d’Économie Mixtes”) team has been
to bring the building to life and exploit its full potential. Supported by their
and partners, the 90 experts at Lille Grand Palais and Zénith de Lille work to
event organizers, exhibitors and visitors, all united by the shared values
our CSR approach.

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Lille, attractive destination


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