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Lille’s cultural life is extremely rich, which explains why the city boasts some fine venues for concerts. From simple halls with stages to large amphitheaters, the choice is vast. Let’s take a look at the establishments and the criteria for choosing a concerthall rental in Lille and the surrounding area.


Renting a concert hall in Paris or Lille depends on the type of performance you’re organizing, the number of spectators expected, and the quality of the decor and equipment.

Some examples of venues in Lille to rent for your concerts:

  • Lille Opera House: this beautiful listed building houses a large function room that can accommodate up to 460 people. The acoustic qualities of the hall are excellent, as it regularly hosts chamber music concerts and national performances by the Lille Tourcoing theater.
  • La Métaphore: Lille’s most impressive and emblematic musical space! In addition to its strange and astonishing material architecture, the building produces external sounds reminiscent of its light effects on stage.
  • Lounge and karaoke bars: for smaller audiences and trendier concerts, many clubs in Lille can accommodate live musicians. These bars also offer private spaces, such as cocktail lounges or reception rooms, to diversify their welcome.


Theauditorium, or auditorium hall, is a venue that we recommend renting to comfortably accommodate concert-goers. Its layout has undeniable advantages:

  • excellent sound diffusion, thanks to the building’s design ;
  • Sound and lighting packages, with the services of professional sound and lighting engineers;
  • a tiered configuration, for good visibility of the stage, and easy access to their seats for spectators.
  • These venues are also very spacious, making them ideal for large-scale performances. They offer every guarantee of safety and comfort, with sanitary facilities and reception/luggage areas.

Lille Grand Palais offers 3 auditoriums, other than the Zénith de Lille. These are particularly well-suited to hosting concerts on a human scale, with all the comfort and facilities required for concerts and other sound events. Ideally located around Lille Grand Palais, the Grand Théâtre, Louis Pasteur and Marie Curie auditoriums can accommodate up to 1474 people.

Discover all our auditoriums on this link.


There are several criteria for choosing a concert hall in Paris, or a concert hall in Lille.

  • Hall capacity
    To make the right choice, you need to calculate the number of spectators expected.
  • The character and ambience of the place;
  • the architecture of the venue and its decoration are decisive factors. Whether it’s a baroque theater or a futuristic stadium, it’s all a question of the atmosphere created by the venue in relation to the event itself.
  • Concert hall rental price
  • It’s got to fit in the budget! Just so you know, the cost of renting a concert hall in the French capital is higher than that of a concert hall in Lille (even for a small hall in Paris!).

Always visit a concert hall in Lille before renting it, so that you can get a feel for it before the event.
Beware of venues that are too small, as a small concert hall in Lille can feel stifling. A venue that’s too large should also be avoided, as it will create a feeling of emptiness and incompleteness.
Venues with a capacity of over 1,000 often combine several spaces. It is therefore possible to privatize only a part of them when they are particularly well suited to an event.


Lille Grand Palais is well known as a major venue forcultural events in the Nord region. For concert hall rentals in Lille, the site offers 4 auditoriums, including the immense Zenith de Lille for major concerts.

With a total seating capacity of 7,000, including 4,500 seated, this venue welcomes major national and even international music-hall and chanson artists every year. It offers its tenants a wide range of services:

  • a 448-square-meter stage;
  • sound and lighting control ;
  • 6 boxes ;
  • a ticket office with 3 counters;
  • 3 bar areas in the lobby;
  • infirmary;
  • a 1,200-space parking lot, etc.

Le Zénith de Lille’s project teams also offer you all the professionalism of a major specialist in event organization. Submit your project to them, whether you’re :

  • show producer looking for a venue ;
  • a company organizing a corporate event with live entertainment.

Our concert hall rental contracts also clearly stipulate the all-inclusive rental price for our concert hall. Naturally, the venue complies with all mandatory safety regulations for establishments open to the public, and is insured against all risks.

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