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To complete the overall installation, you need to add your own touch,
your character to the layout of the space.

Decoration and furniture

Finalize your stand and space layout with our range of furniture. Whether industrial, designer, Scandinavian, natural or vintage, you’ll find the right furniture for your event.

Our aim: to reinvent ourselves every day and make your event unique!

Natural, raw or sophisticated, complement your furniture with colors, flooring and materials. Do you prefer cactus or ficus? We also offer a floral decoration book that will enable you to enhance your spaces with a green and flowery touch.


To be seen and, above all, to be unique, think about signage!

Fromadhesives to kakemonos, tarpaulins, window stickers, lettering… we offer a wide range of materials and locations to guarantee the best visibility for your event.

Our website is the ideal place to promote your brand and your products. In addition to our catalog of solutions, we also offer you 17 fixed dynamic screens strategically placed throughout Lille Grand Palais.

Our numerous locations give you ideal visibility both before your event, with our outdoor signage, and during your event, with our indoor signage.

Our indoor signage has been designed to reinforce the communication of your event or your partners, but also to accompany and guide your participants during their visit.

We offer 16 outdoor signage solutions, and our strategic location in the city center, railway stations and freeway entrances means you’ll be able to take full advantage of all our communication resources:

  • Tarpaulin and calico: between 60,000 and 80,000 car passages / day
  • Tarpaulin parking lot: compulsory passage through freeway entrances and parking lots: 100,000 passages / day
  • Rue Javary banner: our XXL banner (from 138m² to 400m²) visible from Lille Flandres railway station and freeways: 200,000 passages / day

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Scenographic design
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Complete management of your reception
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Exhibitor Management
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