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Press conference, scientific conference, business conferenceConferences bring together participants to discuss a specific theme, but above all within the framework of a well-defined program.

The objectives of such an event are manifold and depend on a number of criteria, but they all have their fundamentals: welcoming a specialized audience and bringing together a number of players to discuss an important subject.

But how do you organize a conference that meets your needs?


By bringing people together around a theme in an academic or official capacity, the conference can serve many purposes.

This type of event has much in common with other academic events such as colloquiums and congresses, but can also be the subject of less formal interventions such as :

  • Lecture-debates and workshops;
  • Corporate conferences can meet a variety of needs, from the presentation of a new concept to the introduction of a new business strategy…


There are many different types of conference, from the most specialized to those dealing with broader, less formal subjects.

Some are designed to meet a specific objective, such as symposia or scientific conferences bringing together professionals to discuss highly specific topics.

Press conferences also serve specific interests, such as providing a favorable framework for communication between public figures and the press.

Although less formal, conferences, debates and other free-speech events are not to be taken lightly. And yes, every occasion that brings people together requires special organization, particularly in terms of room rental, programming and timing.


Organizing a conference well means first and foremost sticking to a realistic project management approach, with achievable tasks that meet defined needs and budgets.

Organizing a press conference doesn’t have the same objectives as organizing a debate on the environment… So, before moving on to the operational part oforganizing your event, you’ll need to answer a few key questions:

  • What will be the theme, objectives and target audience?
  • What conference program and schedule?
  • What are your needs in terms ofequipment for the conference room, with particular attention to projection equipment, and to the quality of sound and lighting(technical control room).


As anorganizer of cultural and professionalevents, Lille Grand Palais has expertise not only in project management, but also in terms of rental spaces for all your events.

Organizing a conference with Lille Grand Palais means first and foremost securing a space that meets your needs in terms of location and layout.

With 4 theaters in the heart of downtown Lille, 28 fully-equipped meeting rooms, and 4 exhibition halls, you can combine visibility and customized layout for your conference room.


Are you organizing a press conference?

Once you’ve drawn up your conference room rental quote and contract, Lille Grand Palais will provide you with tailor-made event organization services:

  • catering, buffets and breakfasts for your speakers;
  • communication and promotion of your event ;
  • welcoming participants ;

creation of visual and sound ambience, including decoration, sound and light control, and the provision of technical equipment for your type of conference.

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